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The course RPRMŽ will start in January 2024
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In the Practice for Movement we work together to restore vitality, self-confidence and health. Often people suffer from uninhibited Primary Reflexes that have to be brought under control. We choose the best treatment method for you.

A baby develops Primary Reflexes in the womb as the basis of its nervous system. These fully automatic reflexes are vital for every baby to survive during birth and immediately afterwards. The reflexes help him feel stimuli and respond to stimuli. They also help him to rotate through the birth canal and to breathe and drink immediately after birth. If all goes well, the baby learns to slow down his Primary Reflexes by practicing new movements during the first year.

It is still quite unknown that Primary Reflexes are not always naturally inhibited. Impeded inhibition can be caused by stress during pregnancy, birth, or afterwards, or by trauma. Uninhibited Primary Reflexes then continue to hamper healthy development. They consume far too much energy, disrupt the immune system and exhaust someone. You can notice this, among other things, by: an overall uncomfortable feeling, motoric problems, concentration, and behavioral disorders, ADD, ADHD, panic attacks, anxiety, dyslexia, allergies, loss of concentration, emotional instability, nightmares, fatigue, digestive problems burnout, and M.E.

After the intake consultation, Primary Reflexes can be brought under control quickly, painlessly and without medication in 2 or 3 treatments. Most people experience this as very beneficial and see and feel their problems diminish or disappear completely.

You are most welcome at the Practice for Movement.